A Little History:
The National Bank of Petersburg was formed on August 1st, 1948, after the liquidation of Schirding State Bank. At this time it was housed in the former Schirding Bank building on the northwest corner of the square. In 1963, a new bank building was erected on the southeast side of the downtown square. Our present location at 321 N. 6th was built in 1976, while still maintaining our location on the square as a small lobby and drive up facility. In Feb. 1997, National Bank of Petersburg purchased the Petersburg branch of First of America-Springfield, utilizing the drive-up building as an additional location.

National Bank of Petersburg continues to remain a strong independent community bank, which serves the public interest with competitive and up to date services for the benefit of the public and community.


This mural, located in the lobby of the main bank facility, was painted by the famous artist Edward Laning who was born in Petersburg in 1906.
Phillip H. Deverman
John D. Grosboll
Judith Blane-Olesen
James E. Potts
John Harry Schirding
Charles K. Smith
Kevin A. Thomas
Milo F. Vogt, III
Lawrence R. Wohler
James E. Potts- President and CEO
Paul M. Brown - Senior Loan Officer, Vice President & Trust Officer
David T. Allen - Vice President-Lending
Patricia L. Whitehurst - Vice President-Internal Auditor and Compliance Officer
Crystal Sathoff - Assistant Cashier
Amy K. Logsdon - Vice President-Operations and Cashier
Pamela J. Wilken - Vice President-Lending
Vicki Thurman - Assistant Vice President-Administration
Debra Whitley - Assistant Trust Officer and Loan Officer
Cheryl A. Rebbe - Assistant Vice President-Customer Relations
Neil Gurnsey - Assistant Loan Officer
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